About Charly

Wedding Photographer, Hampshire

Charly Woodhouse


I’m Charly, I’m based in Hampshire and photography is most definitely my passion. With over 10 years’ experience shooting weddings, portraits and fashion I can honestly say there’s really nothing else I’d rather be doing!

Being able to photograph your love story is truly an honour and I love every minute of it, from the hectic preparations in the morning through until the dancing in the evening. I like to think that my images are a mix of art and elegance, whilst still being effortless and natural. My shooting style is modern – inobtrusive, with a bit of gentle direction.

I live on the beautiful south coast but I travel all over the UK and beyond. Take your time, have a look at the galleries, and if you think that my style might be just what you’re looking for then please get in touch – I’d love to hear all about your wedding plans!

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Let’s chat

Want to find out a bit more? I’d love to meet up for a shoot, or even just have a chat on the phone to get some ideas flowing

Have questions?

Getting married involves A LOT of planning, so at this stage I’m sure you’ll have quite a few questions. Have a look at the FAQs section below to see if I can answer any so far…

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Do you hold the date?

~ Once you’ve signed the agreement and the deposit has been transferred, consider yourself booked in!

When do we need to pay the full amount by?

~Not until 30 days before your wedding day

How far do you travel?

~ My package prices cover up to one hour from PO16 – additional travel will be charged at 45ppm.

What happens if you’re ill and can’t attend?

~ If you’ve booked a second photographer for the day, they would assume the role of the primary photographer, and I would do my best to find a second. If you haven’t booked one, I would endeavour to find an experienced replacement.*

We’re very camera shy, help!

~That’s exactly why I offer engagement shoots – they’re great for helping you prepare for the day and get a little practice in!

When and how will we receive our images?

~They will be uploaded to a private gallery no more than 4 weeks after your wedding. They’ll also be posted to you on a lovely memory stick.

How many will we receive?

~ Usually around 500-600 for a full day, and more if you have a second photographer

Are you insured?

~ Yes, fully! I’m happy to send my certificates if venues request them.

How much is the deposit?

~20% of your package fee

Contact Charly

If you’d like to enquire about availability, an engagement shoot, or anything else then please get in touch.